8 Trump Voters, One Year Later – How They Feel, per Bloomberg

84BattleGroundstatesBloomberg!YearLaterDonaldTrumpVotersIt’s been a little over a year since the historic voting that thrust first time candidate Donald J. Trump into the White House over Democratic rival Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Much of the news media – across the left-right media bias spectrum captured in the graphic further below by Sharyl Attkisson – were in shock on November 9th when the Clinton campaign conceded the race in a phone call.

Against that backdrop, left-leaning Bloomberg reported the following.

In the aftermath of November’s election, there was the sense in many East Coast circles that it wouldn’t take long for the voters of Middle America to regret their decision to put Donald Trump in the White House,” per Bloomberg’s writers – Esmé E. Deprez , Jeff Green, Mark Niquette and Elise Young.

Nine months later, we’ve found few signs of such remorse,” they said.

We’ve been tracking a group of Trump supporters from the four key Heartland states that helped swing the election:

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan,” per their report.

True, there has been slippage in support for him in some cases, but what comes through clearly is that the emotional bond between the firebrand politician and his base remains very strong. Here they are–eight portraits in all–in their own words.”


MHProNews notes the original story is linked further below, and will only show the top lines with this brief commentary.

When a non-push-poll (a manipulative kind of survey) is used, others in media have had similar findings to Bloomberg.

Is that a surprise?



  • unemployment at a 17-year low,
  • with consumer confidence at a 17-year high. And
  • the markets having set dozens of records since the election, there are practical reasons why voters are staying loyal to the president and Vice President Mike Pence, who both affirmed, “We are going to be in the promise keeping business.”

Here’s the 8 President Trump voters, and how they rate him one year after the vote.

Byrn Biemeck, Milwaukee, WI.


Michael Makowski, Concordville, PA.

MichaelMakowskiCOndorvillePA54SmallBusinessMarriedBloombergDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAnn Peterson, Rochester, MI.

AnnPetersonRochesterMI52YearOldRealEstateBloombergDailyBuisnessNewsMHProNewsGeno DiFabio, Youngstown, OH.

GenoDiFabioYoungstownOH54DriverMarriedBloombergDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsKim Woodrosky, Wilkes-Barre, PA.


KimWoodroskyWilkesBarrePA53RealEstateInvestorBloombergDailyBusienssNewsMHProNewsTom Anslow, Port Clinton, OH.


William Chaney, La Crosse, WI.

WilliamChaneyLaCrosseWI41AccountExecWholesaleMortgBloombergDailyBuisnessNewsMHproNewsTom Viviano, Sterling Heights, MI.


Why are they loyal?  As noted, the president and his administration have been in the promise keeping business.

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Last night’s closing numbers, plus the spotlight report and the Trump effect on the markets – 1 year later – are all found at the link below.

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