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Every year, numerous manufactured housing producers put on a what they call a “plant show.”


A plant show can be thought of as something akin to a mini-trade show that is specific to a single manufactured housing producers brands.  They are often held at or near “the plant,” or factory production center.

Like a trade show, these are costly. They are a significant part of many firm’s marketing budget.  Depending on the company, the cost may or may not be as expensive per unit as going to Louisville or Tunica.  To learn more about those two trade shows, click the box linked below.


Louisville and Tunica Manufactured Housing Shows, Controversial Profitable, Problematic Issues Loom


Some firms, such as Clayton or Legacy Housing, turn these plant shows into a serious event, with rooms, meals, entertainment, and even educational opportunities for their retailers and/or community clients. An example from earlier in 2018 can be found at the report linked below.


Fall Manufactured Housing Show Features Free Education, Fun, Special Financing, & More


As the industry looks back at 2018 or prior years, there are certainly some welcome developments, but there are some #NettlesomeThings too.

We use the term nettlesome periodically with good reason. Nettles in nature sting. But properly used, nettles have medicinal qualities.

Former President John F. Kennedy observes that the Chinese symbol for crisis also meant opportunity.  Every crisis or problem, properly understood and used is an opportunity in disguise.




Several other publishers in manufactured housing have little or no first hand knowledge about home selling. That’s one of several points that makes MHProNews different. We have first hand knowledge of retailing at sales centers, and retailing in a land-lease community. We know community operations first hand from a management perspective. We’ve worked with several producers of manufactured homes, and numerous lenders and other suppliers over the years too.

MHProNews also knows how to put on educational events that attract retailers and communities. Why? Because we understand their vantage-points.

Part of a recent emailed comment to MHProNews – by someone who understands and is sympathetic to the perspective of a lot manager – wrote the following. “John or Mary LotManager is usually very busy in meeting conditions for lenders, scheduling deliveries, handling customer complaints about shoddy construction, etc.  They do not have the time, the resources, or the energy at the end of the day to combat the weathermen of this world, code-encroaching state officials, less-than-accurate national reporters who cast our homes in a bad light, etc.  That should be the role of the ‘support team’ if you will…” 

That’s an insightful snapshot that producers, lenders and others who aren’t in retail often know, because their field reps see those activities. For more quotes from the source above, see the linked box, below.


“Lots of Sizzle,” Clayton Sales Performance, Other MHI & Clayton Homes News Tips


There are several things that factory builders should consider as 2019 approaches.

1)    You want to earn more business from your current good accounts.

2)    You want to create more good accounts.

3)    No one wants the headache accounts, but there are ways to make them less nettlesome.

4)    There are profitable synergies possible between LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC and factories willing to commit to a durable relationship with the industry’s best known trade media.

It is a matter of public record that Legacy Housing’s IPO says they have the biggest backlog in their company’s history. Not every builder can honestly say the same today, as recent shipment reports reflect.

We have the secret sauce for more retail sales growth, which is the fuel for wholesale sales growth. Contact L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach at tony@mhmsm.com or 863-213-4090 to learn more about how to have the most successful plant shows – and set the stage for the most profitable years ahead. That’s MH “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use,” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Louisville and Tunica Manufactured Housing Shows, Controversial Profitable, Problematic Issues Loom



Winter 2018-2019 in Manufactured Housing Land


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