World’s Tallest Building will be Modular

As follow up to an article we posted June 19, 2012 about Broad Sustainable Building Corp. constructing the world’s largest skyscraper in 90 days from modular units, the project is about to get underway. TIME says the 2,749-foot, 220-story tower in China’s Hunan Province will contain apartments for 30,000, a school, a hospital and 17 helipads and will be built at the rate of five stories a day. Made to withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake due to the use of less concrete and steel, and more wood, the wide open space of a lobby on the ground floor is not conducive to modular construction, according to Broad’s building history. As MHProNews has learned, one of Broad’s far-reaching plans is to license the technology of its quick-build modular units to other countries.

(Image credit: GizMag)

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