World’s Tallest Building will be Modular

Gizmag says a Chinese company will construct the world’s tallest building in just 90 days using modular construction. The Broad Group says the 2,750 foot Sky City One will stand 33 feet taller than the current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, named after UAE (United Arab Emirates) President Kahlifa Bin Zayed for his efforts in obtaining a $10 billion U.S. loan to bail Dubai out of financial distress. The 220-story Sky City One will have 104 elevators, will be earthquake resistant and accommodate 100,000 people. Projected to cost $628 million, 95% of the building will be prefabricated modular units produced before construction begins. The Broad Group says the thick walls, quadruple window glazing, and other sustainable features will limit energy use to one fifth of a conventional building. MHProNews has learned if Chinese authorities give their blessing, construction will start in November 2012 with completion set for January 2013.

(Image credit: Broad Group/Gizmag)

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