What Happened to Those Anti-MHI Resident Group Protests?

The staff leadership of two of the best known resident groups, both of which have demonstrated their anti-community owner bias, along with an ability to do protests and get local/national media. As an example, see the report, the Road to Hell.

The headline is a fair question, one asked by industry professionals, which the Daily Business News assured industry readers would be part of a follow up report.  This is that report.

A recap of facts is warranted.

Shortly before and after Hurricane Irma, the responses to MHProNews inquiries from resident group sources went dark.

Given that much of the state of Florida was without power, for those residents who were based in in that state were the Manufactured Housing Institute meetings were to be held in Orlando, that was perhaps no surprise.

Sources never stated where those alleged resident protestors were coming from.  But it would not be a surprise if they were going to come from Florida, see below messages. That alone may explain the lack of protests.

Below the links that follow are some of the screen captures from the emails regarding this issue, and they dovetail precisely with the responsible reporting by MHProNews on this subject.


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Above is from prior report, screen capture, shown below.


Kevin Borden, Exec Director of MHAction and Sandra BP-Weeks, their public relations professional, both did similarly. They indicated that a discussion was necessary, and then said no comment. They hinted, but neither confirmed or denied the protest plan.



A few of the messages from MHAction. All media experience times they sound a warning, that ends up not panning out. It’s part of the news business. Weather warnings, terror alerts, etc. are just two examples most are familiar with. MHProNews is proud of our record of accuracy in trade media reporting, and has always been willing to show other perspectives, or correct if needed. 

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Publisher’s Commentary

L. A. “Tony” Kovach, has a proven track record of holding resident groups, public officials and errant industry parties accountable, or as an industry leader recently said, “Tony has street cred.”  Photo by Mark Simon, shows Kovach engaging with SAAs in NY.  He’s the publisher of the industry’s two largest and most popular trade media, MHLivingNews.com and MHProNews.com. LinkedIn? Connect here.

There are many possibilities as to why the protests didn’t materialize,” said publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach.  “What we know is that first one, then another source advised MHProNews about the plan.  NMHOA said they wouldn’t “participate,” which further indicated that there was a plan for resident groups to protest, but that they would not be among them.”

Weather?  Head fake? Power outage? They lost the element of surprise? The bottom line is they [the protests] didn’t happen, and those resident group sources haven’t said why,” Kovach said. 

Given their respective histories, the plan and sources seemed credible.  We made it clear that it was an allegation, with credible reasons to believe them, which we showed previously.  That makes our report accurate, even though the protests never took place – much like a severe weather alert – that doesn’t result in a tornado.”

“But had the protests taken place, and had we failed to warn the industry’s members after we had been tipped…that possiblity, it seems to me, would have been the black eye. We took the prudent course of action, said alleged, and showed the information available.”

That said, MH Industry members thanked us for learning so much about anti-manufactured home business/community resident groups, that have managed to get significant media attention,” Kovach said.

See links above to learn more, or our previous report fisking a resident group, “The Road to Hell.”  ## (News, analysis, commentary.)


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