Washington Gridlock Strikes Fear in Investors, Tracked Housing Stocks

The continuing fears about the government shutdown and even more so, the looming debt ceiling crisis, is giving jitters to investors as all three indexes dropped one to two percent. CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted -159.1 points, -1.07 percent to end at 14,776.53. The Nasdaq fell a full -2.00 percent, -75.55, to close at 3,694.83, while the S&P dropped -1.23%, -20.67 points to close at 1,655.45. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite dropped -1.45% percent to close at 978.5. All tracked housing stocks closed down or even, with several losing three digits. Patrick Industries lost the most of our tracked stocks, dropping 3.88%, -1.14, to close at 28.07. Affiliated Managers Group 182.67 -2.62 (-1.41%). Cavco Industries 55.52 -0.20 (-0.36%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 167,452 -2,003.00 (-1.18%). Deer Valley remained unchanged at 0.65. Drew Industries 46.20 -0.72 (-1.53%). Equity LifeStyle Properties 33.88 -0.11 (-0.32%). Louisiana Pacific Corp. 17.16 -0.35 (-1.99%). Nobility Homes remained unchanged at 9.06. Skyline Corp. 4.60 -0.16 (-3.36%). Sun Communities 41.73 -0.03 (-0.07%). Third Avenue Value Fund (Oct. 7) 56.72 -0.34 (-0.60%). UMH Properties was unc hanged at 9.96. Universal Forest Products, Inc. 39.12 -0.97 (-2.42%).

(Graphic credit: CNNMoney and Real tick)

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