Update on Thayer Long’s replacement at the Manufactured Housing Institute

MHProNews is continuing our follow up in the search for a replacement at the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) for the departing association president, Thayer Long. For a variety of reasons, including protecting sensitive sources of information, MHProNews has previously named 5 potential candidates who were named by various sources for the interim or permanent role to replace Thayer Long, while noting that 10 others have also been mentioned that have not previously been published. Five of those ten names now being disclosed include (in alphabetical order): Joe Carona, Ken Cashin, Dick Ernst, Michael O’Brien and David Rand. Some have been contacted, and have no official comment. Dick Ernst had this to say about his interest in the role, “Since I only offered to assist on an interim basis I don’t want anyone to think I want the position full time. I filled that role for 7 months previously and my offer was intended to give Joe and the Executive Committee enough time to feel good about their selection.” We asked MHI PAC Chairman, Rick Rand this question: What would your response be if you heard that Ken Cashin and Dick Ernst are being mentioned as possible candidates for the departing Thayer Long’s position at MHI? Rand replied, “Wow, both of those are extremely qualified individuals. Each has been active and deeply involved for decades in the manufactured housing industry. They have knowledge of every aspect (of the business), including finance, the political landscape and issues facing the industry In general. Both have been tremendous spokesmen on behalf of the Industry and solid MHI members. Each understand the benefits of manufactured housing, something that many politicians and regulators need enlightenment on.” We also asked Rand about other association execs around the country, and he replied: “There are some extremely qualified (state and community) association execs. This is something that the MHI Executive Committee is obviously working on, and I’m confident they have or will explore all of the best candidates.” Another industry veteran with ties to MHI shared the following comment, on condition of anonymity, but knowing the comment would be published: “Our key problems are regulatory and legislative in nature in Washington, DC. That means we need someone with the political experience necessary to get the job done. So we don’t need to hire someone that needs a long learning curve. The MHI leadership will want someone who can hit the ground running, not someone who has to take a lot of time to get up to speed on what’s going on.” MHProNews has also been told that none of the current staff are being considered as a permanent replacement to the departing Thayer Long’s position.

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