Companies team up for new panelized building process

SABIC Innovative Plastics Meccano de Mexico photo credit SABIC posted on MHProNews.comMHProNews has learned that SABIC Innovative Plastics and construction supply firm Meccano de Mexico developed one-piece, reusable concrete forms made from SABIC’s LNP Verton long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite. The corrosion-resistant composite forms developed by SABIC and Meccano de Mexico replace heavy multi-piece steel forms. They are used to mold concrete panels for houses. 500 panels are required for a typical row house. The forms are available in a range of sizes: the average height is 1.1 m (3.7 ft) and widths of 20 cm (0.8 ft), 30 cm (1 ft) and 60 cm (2 ft)) are available. “Using LNP Verton composite, our new concrete forms can give contractors exceptional benefits including significant time savings, easier handling and durability for repeated use,” says Salvador Jalife Lozano, chief innovation and development officer at Meccano de Mexico.  Lozano stated that “These moulds have the potential to change the way concrete panels are formed on the job site, helping to streamline construction and provide a competitive advantage for Meccano and its customers.”  LNP Verton compounds weight 20% less than aluminum and 40% less than carbon steel. The product is said to provide the mechanical performance, including the dimensional stability, strength and resistance to humidity, needed for working with concrete.

(Photo credit: SABIC)

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