The Russians Are Coming With PreFab Homes

Credit: Country Living.

1,184 square feet, assembled in ten days for about $80,000.

Are these Russian made prefab homes ready to go mainstream?

Moscow-based firm Bio Architects, has unveiled the latest project in their DublDom prefabricated housing line up, which offers models between 280 and 1,400 square feet.

They come with a price range of between $23,000 and $100,000.

This model shown in the photo above came in at a final cost of five million rubles ($80,000 USD), with finishing, electricity, and engineering systems included.

Credit: Country Living.

Bio Architects has focused on keeping costs low, by using inexpensive materials like metal, barn board, and glass, which, in combination with large skylights, glass walls, and exposed beams provides a unique look and feel to the homes.

Home photo credits, Bio Architects and Country Living.
Home photo credits, Bio Architects and Country Living.

The DublDom line is produced in Kazan, which is a city in Southwest Russia, and Bio Architects reports that they are now accepting preorders from the U.S.


As Daily Business News readers are aware, foreign prefab manufacturers are making moves into other countries, including China and Spain-based firms teaming up to tackle the U.K. affordable housing crisis. That story is linked here. ##

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