Student Housing set to Replace MHC

As we reported here Sept. 5, 2012, residents of Hilltop Mobile Home Park in College Township, Penn. received notices the community was closing and they have to move by the end of February, 2013. CentreDaily reports a dozen people spoke at a College Township meeting in favor of keeping the MHC open, as a room crammed with over 50 concerned citizens kept the meeting going. Since Sept., Indiana-based developer Trinitas Ventures has filed to rezone the property for student housing. The first hearing was set for Nov., but Trinitas asked to postpone. Meanwhile, some of the residents of Hilltop are working with Pathstone Corp., a non-profit that assists with organizing a residential cooperative to purchase the community. Also working with Regional Housing Legal Services, the residents implored the council to show some support for keeping the property as an MHC. MHProNews has learned Hilltop owners Sharon Mayes and her brother, Kenneth Mayes said last Sept. they already had a contract with Trinitas.

(Photo credit: Abby Drey/CentreDaily)

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