Stocks heave and Dive, Bears Alive: MH mostly lower

The Yahoo! Manufactured Housing Composite index -2.81% to close at 1019.30

CNNMoney reports European debt crisis, dips in U.S. home prices and other concerns helped nervous investors to sink the Dow, while gold shot through the $1800 mark.  Treasury yields are near record lows.  In a recent interview, columnist Pat Buchanan commented that the dollar has sank 30% year to date vs. the Swiss franc.  The Yahoo! Manufactured Housing Composite index -2.81% to close at 1019.30 Affiliated Managers Group closed at $ 81.97 Down -6.10 -6.93%. Clayton/VMF MH manufacturing, lending and supplier parent company Berkshire Hathaway 102450.00 -6650.00‎ (-6.10%‎). Cavco 30.99 -4.56‎ (-12.83%‎). Deer Valley, Champion Enterprises and Palm Harbor Homes all remain unchanged. Drew Industries 18.75 -0.70‎ (-3.60%‎). Equity Lifestyle Properties 58.59 -2.59‎ (-4.23%‎). Nobility Homes bucked the downward trend, rising 8.14 +0.37‎ (4.76%‎). Patrick Industries 1.95 -0.40 (-17.02%). Third Avenue Value Fund also rose 46.78 1.77 | 3.93% UMH Properties 9.30 -1.21‎ (-11.51%‎). Skyline 9.56 -1.70‎ (-15.10%‎). Supplier UFPI 25.10 -1.26‎ (-4.78%‎) but moved up nicely in after hours trading.

(image credit: RealTick)

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