MH Weather Radios Bill coming up on the Hill

Weather_Radio_given_away_by_FEMA posted Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management Sources reported to that the House Financial Services Committee approved legislation (H.R. 1751) some weeks back sponsored by committee chairman Spencer Bachus (R-AL) that would require all new manufactured homes be equipped with NOAA weather radios (legislation and committee report are available below as downlaods).   The measure is expected to come up for floor consideration soon under suspension of the rules in September, a legislative tool to provide swift floor consideration of bills that may then be passed by unanimous consent decree. The Alabama Manufactured Housing Association and MHI have conducted outreaches to Congressman Bachus and his staff to press for revisions in the bill and to underscore the potential burdensome impact this mandate could have on an already struggling industry. While Rep. Bachus has been a consistent supporter of the manufactured housing industry and its efforts to reform both the Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts, the weather radio issue is one of considerable personal concern to him.  The Chairman, while sympathetic to the industry’s reservations, has been unwilling to make the changes to the bill MHI has requested. To help communicate the industry position to industry members, as well as your Congressmen, Senators and their staffs, MHI has developed sample talking points on this weather radio issue (see downloads below).

(weather radio being passed out by FEMA photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

  1. CRPT-112hrpt191
  2. hr 1751
  3. WARN Act CRS Report
  4. WeatherRadioTlkPts


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