Skirts vs. Coat-Tails for Biz and Investors? Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates

CNNmoney8.8.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsThe markets closed mixed, and the midterms are approaching in just 90 days.  As the American Banker noted in their print edition, part of what is up in the air is certainty for business and investors. Is it a blue wave ahead, or is the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump’s claim that it could be a red wave correct?  Self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, and new darling for many in the left-of-center media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  endorsed candidates, so did POTUS. That will be tonight’s focus report.

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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • MoviePass CEO: ‘We now have the right model’
  • Walmart is giving less shelf space to Twinkies. Hostess falls 16%
  • Beards are back. That’s bad news for Gillette
  • Democrats want Facebook to tell them who has seen disinformation
  • This company is laying off almost all its workers because of tariffs
  • Samsung’s next move: A $22 billion bet on new tech
  • Here’s why it’s so hard to spot deepfakes
  • Why now is the best time to invest in China
  • China to put 25% tariffs on $16 billion worth of US products
  • Another Prime perk at Whole Foods: Curbside pickup
  • Colombia and Honduras lead the way in tackling devastating coffee rust disease
  • You don’t have to be a billionaire to invest in startups
  • The New York Times’ post-election subscription boom doesn’t show signs of slowing
  • Is the Sinclair-Tribune deal about to die?
  • Should I get a fixed- or adjustable-rate mortgage?
  • What Android Pie means for the future of smartphones
  • World’s biggest IPO in 2 years shows China’s 5G ambitions
  • What happens when sexual harassers return to work
  • Uber brings back a former exec to lead its freight business
  • Ikea is spending $1.5 billion to find its ‘future’ in India
  • Papa John’s blames Papa John for its big sales decline
  • Facebook adds quirky Messenger games to video chats
  • The big picture about Ohio’s special election
  • Employers are finding new ways to cut health care costs
  • Zillow buys a mortgage lender and the stock tanks
  • How Robert De Niro built the Nobu empire
  • Disney’s Bob Iger lays out plans for Fox and streaming
  • How 5G could change everything, from music to medicine
  • How Indra Nooyi built Pepsi for the future
  • Plastic straws are out. These companies are cashing in
  • Daimler abandons its Iran plans over US sanctions
  • Carl Icahn: Cigna’s merger with Express Scripts rivals ‘worst in corporate history’


Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Ford has no issues being a public company
  • Tesla’s latest production delays are in its solar unit: Report
  • Tesla board actively evaluating taking company private
  • Did Elon Musk violate securities regulations with his bombshell tweet?
  • Stocks cautious amid latest tariff spat
  • New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins arrested on insider trading charges[overlay type]
  • New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins arrested on insider trading charges
  • Renters should reconsider home ownership for this reason
  • The smartphone cleanse: A 7-day guide to a digital detox
  • Trump brings ‘historic negotiation’ to Medicare
  • Home prices soar in these cities, states
  • Capitalism is not perfect, but it’s the best out there: Ken Langone
  • Ford celebrates its 10 millionth Mustang
  • Bitcoin ETF ruling delayed, cryptocurrency market plunges
  • Trump: GDP growth ‘could be in the 5s’ next quarter
  • China retaliates with tariffs affecting $16B worth of US goods
  • Residents in these cities pay their bills on time
  • Why this state is the best to buy a vacation home
  • Key takeaways from Kansas, Michigan, Ohio primaries
  • This Grammy-winning artist says Spotify, Apple not hurting his craft
  • Inside monthly spending habits of a millennial


Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –


Whether you win by one or one hundred, you’ve still won, and the GOP won the special election last night in Ohio while all three candidates Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez campaigned for lost their primary races,” said the Daily Caller. One of her endorsed candidates won, and one is pending: “Ocasio-Cortez endorsed congressional candidate Kaniela Ing in Hawaii for the race taking place on Aug. 11.”

The New York Times reported the results last night like this: “Few Have Lost Races, but All Republicans Have Lost Support in Special Elections Under Trump.”

Much of the left-of-center media made it sound worse than that line. The Washington Post phrased it like this: “The margin [in OH 12] of less than 1 percent came in a district that Trump won by 11.”

There’s certainly no denying that the margins have been narrowed, but aren’t there several ways of looking at that data-point?

By contrast, here was the story from POTUS Trump’s Twitter feed.

Coat tails.
5 for 5 last night for POTUS. Coat tails. Vs. 1 of 4 last night for Ocasio-Cortez, with one race still outstanding.

The RNC spokesperson in this video said that Republicans have won 8 of 9 special elections, while the DNC spokesperson had – of course – a different view.

The reality is that either side could prevail, as it is about energizing each side’s base and turnout.

President Trump proved in 2015-2016 that the candidate with the most money isn’t bound to win.  If that had been so, the Jeb Bush would have faced off against Hillary Clinton, but with less cash and spending, Donald J. Trump beat the former Florida Governor and the former Secretary of State.

The turnout for the Trump events was under estimated by many in the media in 2016.  Is there any Democrat, other than perhaps former President Barack Obama, who can turn out a crowd as big as President Trump today?

GOP Senate nominee in MI, John James, said that Debbie Stabenow cares more about “resistance than results” and “She cares more about obstruction [of the Trump agenda] than economic opportunity.” James touted his results from “the battlefield to the board room.”

Rural whites have been treated as “deplorable,” while urban blacks have been treated by Democrats as disposable,” said James.

He said he doesn’t have a “black message, or a white message, I have a Michigan message.”

He clearly has his sound bites down well. “Identify politics is the enemy of the state.” James said. From border security, to the economy, and more, the GOP nominee from Michigan for the U.S. Senate sounds very much like an energetic, compressed take from the president’s agenda.

James sounds a little like conservative version of Barack Obama’s 2004 DNC speech, so no wonder that President Trump is touting him as a future star of the GOP. Don’t believe it?  See and hear for yourself.

The next 90 days will be unfolding rapidly.

Last night, in the battle between the effects of the endorsements – measuring the impact from the “skirt” vs. “coat tails,” it seems that the President’s coat-tails won. The Daily Business News will keep an eye on the emerging contest for investors and professionals.


Bloomberg Closing Ticker for MHProNews…

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