Senator Warren Targets Private Equity “Vulture Capitalists,” plus Manufactured Home Equities Updates

DowJonesAverage7182019ManufacturedHomeNightlyMarketReportClosingTickerSenator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) is a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful who has steadily risen in the polls.  She was one of the ‘winners’ in the first round of Democratic debates in Miami, with the next round about 2 weeks out. One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has rolled out yet another plan for business and the rest of the nation to chew over. On a day when the markets largely rose, as did numbers of manufactured home industry connected stocks, Warren and her new plan will be our featured topic for this evening.


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Headlines/bullets from CNN Business.

·        The cost of Boeing’s crisis

·        The embattled airline will take a $5 billion hit this quarter as a result of the 737 Max grounding

·        Netflix’s subscriber miss could be a blip — or a sign of hard times to come

·        Netflix: The Straight Pride Parade ‘is about hate — not pride’

·        Trump vows ‘strong look’ at Pentagon contract that could go to his frequent target, Amazon

·        Here’s why people love retro gadgets

·        Stocks snap two-day losing streak

·        Southwest extends 737 Max flight cancellations through November 2

·        OPINION Congresswoman Maloney: Trump misled us in his economic report. I’m setting the record straight

·        The electric car revolution is coming. This is what has to happen first

·        Electric cars have been around since before the US Civil War

·        Microsoft’s ‘blow out’ fourth quarter beats analyst projections by $1 billion

·        Toys ‘R’ Us is coming back to the United States

·        Slack is resetting thousands of passwords after 2015 hack

·        Postmates CEO: Gig workers deserve a better deal than we have given them

·        Uber addresses workplace harassment as rider safety concerns linger

·        Workers are protesting — using apps they work for

·        Amazon ordered to stop work on UK food delivery deal

·        Fiverr, another gig-economy startup, files to go public

·        What FaceApp’s viral success says about our digital privacy

·        More cities are saying no to facial recognition

·        Instagram is evaluating how to handle deepfakes

·        Virtual kidnappings are rattling families across the US

·        Researchers can now use AI and a photo to make fake videos


Headlines/bullets from Fox Business.

·        Strait of Hormuz is drone and tanker battleground, yet oil prices unfazed

·        Trump says American warship destroyed Iranian drone

·        Iran is off their game: Gen. Jack Keane

·        Stocks post gains as top Fed official calls for quick rate cut

·        Sen. Rand Paul: Jon Stewart is ‘lying’ and ‘misinformed’ about 9/11 bill

·        Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul slammed Jon Stewart for being misinformed about the “pay-go” provision in the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund bill.

·        Elizabeth Holmes, disgraced Theranos founder, scores small legal victory ahead of 2020 trial

·        Boeing announces $4.9 billion charge related to 737 Max jets grounding

·        New York, New Jersey among high-tax states suing IRS for killing SALT cap workaround

·        Berkeley bans natural gas in new homes, drops gendered language from city codes

·        Want to flee high-tax states like New York? Turns out it’s not so easy

·        FaceApp under fire as lawmakers ask FBI to review viral app

·        Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito: $15 minimum wage is a ‘real conundrum’ for everyone

·        US hits China’s Huawei despite Trump reprieve

·        Congress must save pensions for 1.3M retirees: Fmr. House Speaker John Boehner

·        Anheuser-Busch InBev contemplating asset sales after Asia IPO is called off: report

·        House Democrats pass Raise the Wage Act to lift minimum wage to $15

·        Trump to look at Amazon, Pentagon and $10B war cloud contract following ‘tremendous’ complaints

·        Arizona Iced Tea, Adidas sneaker NYC pop-up event reportedly led to injuries, arrests

·        Fed vice chair says US economy is strong, but uncertainty has risen

·        US Open 2019 to feature richest prize pool in tennis history: Here’s how much

·        Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) gives his take on the protests in Puerto Rico and how some blue states are suing the Trump administration over the SALT tax rule.

·        Did Iran want the US to shoot down the drone?

·        Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.) gives his take on the U.S. shooting down an Iranian drone.

·        Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) discusses how Congress is trying to solve the southern border crisis.

·        Uber glitch scares passengers with fares 100 times actual price

·        Trump questions Pentagon’s cloud-computing contract

·        New space-focused ETF takes off

·        Procure Holdings CEO Andrew Chanin on the new ETF focused on space-related stocks.

·        China trade deal shouldn’t allow Huawei access to US technology: Mitch McConnell


Yahoo Finance Closing Tickers on MHProNews…



Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –

Still from video, below. Text graphic by MHProNews.

While it isn’t mentioned in the mainstream reports, Democratic firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren has taken aim at manufactured home communities that have often been purchased by private equity.  So as you read and listen to the following from left-of-center CNBC and MSNBC these points tonight, know that this will pivot to industry-specific issues.


·        Toys R Us’ liquidation, which stripped away about 30,000 U.S. jobs and pulled at the country’s heartstrings, stokes anger across the U.S.

·        Politicians, including Elizabeth Warren, latch on to that anger and push for tighter regulations on the private equity firms that owned retailers such as Toys R Us.

·        Retailers bought by private equity that went bankrupt also include Payless ShoeSource and Sports Authority.

Still from video, below.

For far too long, Washington has looked the other way while private equity firms take over companies, load them with debt, strip them of their wealth, and walk away scot-free — leaving workers, consumers, and whole communities to pick up the pieces,” Warren said in a statement.


Warren has taken on several manufactured home communities.  See an example linked here.



Warren has also staked out a strong claim for antitrust action, see that, linked below.



One of several questions that must be asked is, will her proposed cure be anything like what Dodd-Frank turned out like for the industry?  If so, then the larger firms she is purportedly targeting could actually benefit from such increased regulation.

Warren has spoken to progressive groups that include MHAction. It would be wise for the Warren campaign to unpack the following.



Team Warren and voters alike should also discern the insights from the following.


As with any person or candidate, Warren has wheat and chaff.  But as our report earlier today reflects, she is but one of several 2020 candidates plus the Trump Administration that have made manufactured home industry related concerns part of their campaign. See the related reports, linked below, for more details.

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