School Buses Can’t Pick Up Students in Some Kentucky MH Communities Due to Snow and Ice on Streets

kentucky-mfg-home-park-snow-not-cleared (2)In Erlanger, Kentucky, the driveway to the SSK Communities management office is in great shape. It’s clean, plowed, and salted, but it’s a far cry from the conditions found in a couple of their manufactured home communities.

WKRC-TV, Cincinnati, tells MHProNews that the roads in one of the communities known as Mosby’s Pointe are so bad, Ockerman Elementary School sent out a notice late Monday afternoon that until the streets are cleared, they won’t run their buses in there. In Mosby’s Pointe Mobile Home Park, you can tell someone at least tried to plow the streets, but it’s not enough.

Wanda Chandler showed her snow and ice covered street. “You need ice skates,”  she said. Wanda and many of her neighbors are angry and frustrated with the lack of maintenance. As of March, the lot rent will be $360 a month, and they question what they’re getting for their money.

Wanda’s neighbor Alfredo Saldivar says he hopes to move soon. “If it wasn’t because I have the snow tires on my car, I would be stuck like every other person here,” he said. “I see trucks, 4 by 4’s, All Wheel Drives… stuff like that here, getting stuck on the snow, and honestly this is the worst area you can live right now.”

A few miles away at Heartland Pointe, the streets were even worse. Struggling to get through, the driver of a school bus said that these are the worst streets on her entire route. Maria Aguilar says that on Sunday night her sister was stuck at the park entrance for 90 minutes. The manufactured home communities and more than two dozen others are owned by “You Got It Homes” or SSK Communities.

Nathan Smith and his partners who own the communities are the subject of a huge civil case that accuses them of conspiring to raise water and lot rates in the parks to force homeowners out so they can then resell or “flip” the manufactured homes. It’s a charge they deny. As for the street conditions in the parks, SSK’s spokesperson said in an email that their “contractors were unable to meet the demands of all their customers and to our satisfaction for our residents.” She goes on to say that they “contacted the companies on Saturday, Sunday and again Monday morning and efforts are being made to clear the roads as much as possible.”

While everyone’s been having problems with the ice and snow, many of the SSK residents we spoke with pointed to neighboring manufactured home communities where the streets have been cleared. With buses not running in Mosby’s Pointe, students will have to meet the buses at Garden Drive and Dixie Highway.

The lawsuit mentioned is being heard in Jefferson County, Kentucky. SSK has filed a motion asking that the suit be dismissed. Both sides will be arguing that motion on April 15. ##

(Photo Credit:  WKRC-TV, Cincinatti)



Article submitted by Sandra Lane to – Daily Business News – MHProNews.


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