San Antonio Mission Trails MH Park Closure deadline looms

2015-01-09_0458mission-trails-mobile-home-park-closure-ksat12-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-The deadline for the closure of Mission Trails is January 15, but for the 6 households still living at the property, it looks possible one or more may miss that deadline.

As previously reported here, the San Antonio City Council voted last May for a plan that would close the Mission Trails Mobile Home Park property and make way for a mixed-use development on that location.

KSAT12  tells MHProNews  that: Onegra Perez is one of the remaining residents. Perez said she hasn’t been able to move her family, lacking the resources to do so.

I would like to be able to relocate to a place where I’m safe,” said Perez. “Where I can raise my children in a safe and stable way.”

One of the posted comments on the KSAT website by ‘KHI’ reads, “From the picture of these very dilapidated structures and trash all over the ground – how can anyone raise a family there?” ‘SAKnows’ posted, “This was a ghetto and the city should have inspected it years ago.”

Not only are home owners impacted by conditions in a land-lease community, but so too is the image of the industry at large. While a headline grabbing media often lacks the right stuff to provide a balanced report, investors and manufactured housing professionals have the opportunity to turn such ‘black eye’ local stories into victories for all, given the right approaches.

While it doesn’t catch mainstream media headlines often enough, there are good thousands of manufactured home communities done right. One of many examples of smart approaches that are good for residents and good for business are highlighted in the interview with Gary McDaniel of Yes! Communities, found at the link on his name. ##

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(Photo credit: KSAT12)


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