Sad but True, how media reporting impacts our Industry’s image

KOB reports an elderly woman with over 50 cats in her ‘mobile home’ seemed to be disoriented. The home is said to have feces up to 3 feet high in places. Complaints of a stench brought investigators to the scene. City of Albuquerque spokesperson Chris Ramirez stated: “Cats were multiplying, cats were dying, they were feeding on each other and it snowballed into something that was absolutely unmanageable.” Ramirez said the woman, “Wasn’t feeling very well, she was dizzy, she complained of vertigo symptoms so we did call paramedics to come check her out.”  “It has taken our cat population overboard so we’re really pleading with residents in Albuquerque and around the metro area to come to the shelters and adopt cats to make room for these other cats that we’re getting this weekend,” Ramirez explained. According to the city, the woman has not returned home. Officials are working to determine if she will face any charges. rhetorically asks: had this happened in a site built house, would the media have identified the type of construction used, or would they have focused on the facts of the case?

(photo credit: KOB News)

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