Revolution Precrafted Properties Debuts Three New Designs

The new Revolution Precrafted designs. Credit: Archdaily.

Revolution Precrafted Properties, a company that brings together over 30 of the world’s preeminent architects, artists and designers to create an exclusive series of prefab, livable spaces, has announced three new designs by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha + Metro, Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas, and Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects.

According to Archdaily, the new designs align with the company’s goal of democratizing the design of pre-fab structures, as they “offer a line of products that incorporate the distinct spatial and social brands of master designers.

Robbie Antonio. Credit: Design Bloom & Revolution Pre-crafted Properties.

The increasing demand for prefab in different parts of the world is solidifying the position of prefabrication in the market,” said Revolution CEO Robbie Antonio in an interview with MHLivingNews. “This can be associated with the benefits of prefab – easy and fast construction, transportability, and practicality, among others.

Speaking on their Matilda Home design, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas shared that they were attracted by the concept of habitat.

The idea to bring design also in common life attracted us. This is a new concept of habitat of house. It’s a mobile home it can be everywhere around the world; everybody can be a client. It’s a modular unit so many of them can be added together like a cloud,” they said.

The Matilda Home. Credit: Archdaily.

This is not an object, it is a concept, it can be a city, a landscape or simply a home. Easy to build, it can be done in different materials more or less expensive. Matilda is a completely different space since nowadays we don’t need so much storage space; you just need to have a screen. The only thing is important is to have a nice place to eat, to seat and to sleep but also this can be done with something you close when you don’t need.

Discussing the Modular Glass House, Alan Ritchie talked about the original design by Philip Johnson.

The Modular Glass House. Credit: Archdaily.

The original Glass House, designed seventy years ago by Philip Johnson as his home in Connecticut, has become a classic representation of modern architecture. The Glass House was not only Philip Johnson’s private residence; it was also his viewing platform for the world. The primary function of a house is to provide for the basic need of shelter. The beauty of a glass house is that it becomes a framework for the viewing of one’s surroundings,” said Ritchie.

The modular glass house was inspired by the original but has been reimagined as a series of modular components that can be prefabricated and shipped to any site. The design follows the principals of the original by introducing a typical window bay and structure that become the outer skin of the building. I see residing in a glass house as an enhancement of the living experience by being immersed in your natural surroundings.

Speaking about their Modular Living Unit, PMR+ Metro sees their design as a multi-functional solution.

The Modular Living Unit. Credit: Archdaily.

MODULAR LIVING UNIT by PMR + METRO for Revolution Precrafted is a proposal for a prefabricated dwelling system. The project provides a multi-functional solution through the principles of reduced design grammar and refined construction technique. This flexible system can be employed in a variety of contexts and environments: urban and rural, tropical and temperate, individual and collective,” they said.

A simple structural frame permits a great range of arrangements. Its composing elements are dimensioned to allow ease of transportation and to minimize the need for the use of supporting equipment during installation.

You can find the full MHLivingNews feature on Robbie Antonio and Revolution Precrafted Properties here. ##

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