FEMA Approving Residents, Asking Manufactured Home Retailers to Sell Units

Residents of St. Mary’s, Georgia wade through flooded streets. Credit: AJC.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that residents in Georgia’s Liberty and Long counties have been approved for FEMA assistance in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

According to the Coastal Courier, FEMA’s amended “declaration of major disaster” issued on October 24th means homeowners and business owners may now be eligible to receive funds to help cover costs related to home, property or business damage due to the hurricane.

The assistance may come in the form of a grant or a loan, and consideration for aid will be based on whether or not residents are uninsured or if their insurance will not cover all losses.

FEMA recommends residents file a claim with their insurance company before filing any claims with the agency. Once completed, residents will then be informed by their insurance agent what will and will not be covered, which may fit the requirements for receiving FEMA Individuals and Households Program Assistance (IHP).

Hurricane Matthew satellite photo. Credit: UK Telegraph.

IHP consists of two provisions: housing assistance, and other needs assistance according to FEMA.

Aid will cover the following segments:

  • Rental Assistance
  • Direct temporary housing assistance
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Medical/dental
  • Funeral
  • Childcare
  • Personal property
  • Transportation
  • Moving and storage

As Daily Business News readers are already aware, we provided extensive coverage of Hurricane Matthew and the misplaced stereotypes related to manufactured housing and natural disasters, here and here.

More manufactured housing needed in Louisiana 

Louisiana Flood damage, August 2016. Credit: BBC
Louisiana Flood damage, August 2016. Credit: BBC

Following up on an initial request for proposal (RFP) earlier this month, FEMA has provided additional details on the type of manufactured housing needed in Louisiana.

FEMA is seeking individual retailers with commercial off the lot, two, three, four, and five-bedroom Manufactured Housing Units (MHUs) with dimensions up to 16 x 72 to support FEMA disaster operations in the state.

Collage credit, MHProNews. Original photo credit as shown above.

In this solicitation, FEMA notes that having the units available will help it provide housing options to people whose homes, as a result of a disaster, are destroyed or made — temporarily or permanently — uninhabitable.

FEMA anticipates awarding multiple Firm Fixed-Price Contracts with a base ordering period for up to 100 MHUs, and three option quantities for up to 400 MHU units, with a possibility of increasing the quantity.

The agency plans to issue contracts on a rolling basis, and is leaving the solicitation open through January 19, 2017. Contractors who can provide the required MHUs can submit a proposal anytime through January 19, 2017.

Credits: Russ Desantis, FEMA, The Record. Text and collage credits: MHProNews.

FEMA says it will evaluate all offers each week, and the cutoff for that week’s review is every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST.

The Daily Business News has provided extensive coverage of the floods, the fallout from them and the MH industry response. ##

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