Retail in the Digital Age, and Manufactured Housing


You enter a large store for the first time. You stop, look around, turn, and walk the aisle to your right.  The odds on your doing just that were known and calculated in advance. 


Security video cameras are scanning everyone that comes through that front door. Those cameras are often doing more than watching out for possible shoplifting. 



Head counts are made.

Traffic patterns within the store are noted. 

For sophisticated retailers that allocate the resources could deploy facial recognition, cellular detection, and an array of information could potentially be gathered, moment by moment. That gathered data can and is being analyzed.

Welcome to modern retailing.

Walmart, Target, or other larger chains know how many will go left, how many walk straight ahead, and how many go right. 

They use that information to better know where to set their signage or displays.  Focus groups can help the determine what lingo and/or images are more likely to grab the attention of which types of groups.

Their goal is simple. They want to separate you from as much of your money as possible. But they want to do so in ways that keeps you and yours coming back. 



Black Friday will soon be upon us. It’s a science. “Door-buster” bargains gets you or people like yourself in their store. Once in, retailer data reflects that their odds of getting you or others back in their store during that same holiday shopping season just spiked.  

For that reason, a few ‘loss leaders‘ products per store is an investment to insure the return of the most customers.  The odds are all known in advance. 

Where is that level that blends the research, art, and the science of marketing and sales in manufactured housing?  

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