Residents Protest Closing of Community

Following a story MHProNews covered yesterday (July 31) concerning the closing of Dallas West Mobile Home/RV community and subsequent protests led by Carlos Quintanilla, some 30 residents marched up and down the street at owner Cienda Partners offices with signs and slogans Wed. Cienda has offered each of the 42 homeowners up to $2,000 if they move by Oct. 31, and $1,000 if by Nov. 30, and nothing after that, offers Quintanilla calls insulting, and one the protesters have refused, because it would cost much more to move the factory-built homes, if indeed they can be moved. Speaking on behalf of the community owner, and noting the demonstration did not change the offer, Randall White says, “Our focus right now is helping those property and leaseholders who want to take advantage of this offer that’s being made right now. We had discussions about how we could do this in a way that demonstrates that we are going above and beyond what we are required to do.” The dallasmorningnews says Cienda had extended the closing of the community from Aug. 31 to Jan. 31, well beyond the 30 days required in the leases with the residents.

(Photo credit: dallasnews)

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