Residents Offered Relocation Costs as Community Sets to Close

Updating a story MHProNews published July 3, 2013 regarding the anticipated closing of the Dallas West Mobile Home/RV community set for Aug. 31, current owner Cienda Partners has extended the final date to Jan. 31. Hispanic rights activist Carlos Quintanilla, representing the residents, had asked for $8,500 relocation allowance for each homeowner, a six-month rent-free extension, and assistance finding a new place to live. The owners said their lease agreement only requires them to give 30 days notice but they gave 81 days, and offered $2,000 if residents moved by Aug. 31, $1,000 if they were gone by Nov. 30, and nothing after that. Quintanilla says, “These are individuals who have lived there for a very long time, and they’ve invested money in their homes,” alleging the owners have neglected needed repairs. Cienda has an agreement to sell the property, located in what’s becoming a high-end redevelopment area near downtown Dallas, to Wood Partners of Atlanta who will likely build apartments on the site. As dallasobserver reports, Cienda says they are looking forward to helping residents find new homes.

(Photo credit: dallasobserver/facebook–Carlos Quintanilla speaking to residents of Dallas West Mobile Home/RV community.

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