Manufactured Housing Community Closing, Residents must move by Aug. 31

Residents of the Dallas West Mobile Home/RV Park in Dallas, Tex. just minutes from downtown received fliers June 11 announcing they had until Aug. 31 to move or face eviction. Dallas-based Cienda Partners bought the property in 2006, one year after the city council rezoned the community for apartments, and have a contract to sell the eight acres to Atlanta-based apartment developer Wood Partners. Cienda spokesman Randall White says, “All the work being done on the ground is getting the property ready for sale,” although he adds it is uncertain when the deal will finalize. While many residents are concerned where they might move to, Hispanic rights activist Carlos Quintanilla, saying he represents 47 tenants, has asked the owners to grant a six-month, rent-free move-out extension, an $8,500 relocation allowance, assistance in finding a new place to live, and reimbursement for any manufactured home purchased through the owners management. Cienda has not responded to the request as of yet, but has offered assistance in finding resources to help the residents obtain new living quarters. As MHProNews has learned from dallasnews, the property may be eligible for public funding as long as the residents have already been moved out.

(Photo credit: dallasnews)

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