Rent Control in manufactured home communities on the agenda

Calimesa_seal_image_insdie_the_IE_Posted_manufactured_home_marketing_sales_Management_MHProNews.com_MHMSMPressEnteprise reports that Calimsa’s CA City Council will review the rent control ordinance on August 15th. A full house is expected as residents and community owners plan to attend the hearing. City Manager Randy Anstine stated they will make no decisions but will take input on the topic. A sunset clause is considered on the ‘mobile home rent-stabilization’ ordinance, which could partially or fully repeal the law on December 31st, 2011. Mayor Ella Zanowik and Councilman Jim Hyatt claim the city has made no decision about rent control. “I need to hear. I need to listen. I need to know,” Zanowik said. The city is considering charging $4 a month to towards costs incurred administering rent control. Park owners and tenants would each be charged $2 a month. No one knows the exact cost to the city, which stem from staff time and attorney fees. What does not appear in the report are questions such as the impact rent control has on the availability of affordable housing, area investments in manufactured home communities or how rent control may negatively impact maintenance or other issues regarding residents, lost jobs due to lost investments and other factors.

(image credit: InsidetheIE)

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