Proposal would Require MH to have “Southwest Look”

The abqjournal in New Mexico reports a proposal to make manufactured housing have a more southwestern style look may meet with opposition because of the increased cost to people living in the houses. As part of an initiative to improve the Airport Road area in south Santa Fe, Councilor Carmichael Dominguez’s proposal would require all detached, single-family homes in a subdivision, including manufactured homes, to have stucco surfaces on the outside walls, and be done in styles conforming to pueblo-revival, territorial-revival, northern New Mexico, or a “contemporary interpretation” of these. The number of homes in a subdivision would determine how many styles would be required. Additionally, panels would cover the bottom exposed areas of homes on blocks, and MH developments would have roads and parks now only required of site-built subdivisions. Councilor Chris Calvert said these requirements could discourage potential homeowners. As MHProNews has learned, the proposals will be referred to the Planning Commission and Business and Quality of Life Committee for review before bringing them back to Public Works.

(Photo credit: manufacturedhomesource–Santa Fe homes)

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