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Harking back to a story we have been following since Sept. 2011 and that we last covered July 13, 2012, Edgeway Mobile Home Park in Middleboro, Massachusetts has been under a cloud of violations, court judgments, and missed deadlines since it first opened in the 1990’s, and now, since original developer Wayne Williams’ death six years ago, his estate has been placed under an administrator who says there are still not enough resources to replace the septic system or complete the drainage and road construction. southcoasttoday says attorney James Burke reports rental income from the residents barely covers routine maintenance and he intends to sell the MHC “as is,” a plan that the town selectmen reject, saying the estate should at least pay to replace the septic system. While such an upgrade would indeed help sell the property, Mr. Burke says the finances simply do not support that. Selectman Ben Quelle, noting the septic issue is tied to health codes, says, “These tenants are hanging by a thread. They’re asking themselves whether they legally need to pay the rent at this point. I sympathize with them. These issues have been going on for a long time and they haven’t been addressed.” MHProNews has learned Mr. Burke has contacted several national MHC developers and hopes to have the property sold within six months.

(Photo credit: Edgeway Mobile Home Park)

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