President Trump Cancels Visit to Manufactured Home Community After Dayton, El Paso Shooting Sprees

Still from video found at the linked report further below. A manufactured home is in the background.

In the wake of attacks on unarmed civilians in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, the White House announced that a planned trip today to The Villages in Florida has been cancelled.


The Villages are a 55-plus land-lease community that includes sections of manufactured home and others with conventional site-built housing. Senior issues, including Medicare, were going to be on President Donald J. Trump’s original agenda there.

But in the aftermath of the attacks in unarmed civilians in El Paso and Dayton, that has changed.

El Paso Walmart Shooter’s Manifesto Text, Understanding Tragedy, Getting to Root Causes

The alleged shooter in El Paso was deliberately targeting Hispanics, according to a published manifesto that is linked below. Those writings make white nationalism a motive in a plan to stop the influx of illegals which the manifesto said was being fostered by Democratic policies designed to permanently make the U.S. effectively a one-party nation. The manifesto also said that many Republicans shared the blame with Democrats for doing the bidding of big corporations that want cheap labor and therefor also want open borders. The manifesto writer said he knew media would blame President Trump for his actions, but said that he held these views prior to taking this deadly step.

By contrast, CNN reports that the shooter in Dayton was a supporter of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  That claim is being largely drowned out by many in politics and media, who are making this a narrative focused on white nationalism.  However, that narrative ignores many facts, including mass shootings by Muslims, or the shooting of Republican Representative Steve Scalise and others 2 years ago, also by a purported Bernie Sanders supporter.

The gun violence is therefore not easy to pigeonhole from either the left-or-right perspectives. 

That said, mass shootings are being used to stoke fundraising and campaign efforts by several candidates.

The president’s remarks are being portrayed as racist by opponents, while the 45th chief executive’s supporters – that include black and Hispanic leaders who know the 45th president – deny that he has any racial motivations.  Supporters of the president including HUD Secretary Carson and the billionaire Democratic black founder of the BET television network claim. 

POTUS Trump ‘Racism,’ BET Founder Robert Johnson, Secretary Carson, and Bipartisan Solutions Advancing Manufactured Housing

Supporters say he is being falsely characterized as racist for political reasons to deflect from a largely successful domestic agenda that has witnessed the return of manufacturing jobs and record low minority unemployment. Backers of President Trump also point to his support for criminal justice reform, which benefits minorities more than whites. 

Opportunity Zones, part of the tax cuts and jobs reform, are routinely in areas that have heavy minority populations. Billions of dollars in investments are reportedly pouring into long-neglected areas, often in Democratically controlled cities.

HUD Secretary Carson on National TV, Touting Manufactured Housing, More Jobs & Investment Opportunities

MHProNews will monitor events in case the trip to The Villages or another manufactured home community occurs by President Trump. 



We’ve previously reported on a prior trip by the president to a manufactured home community in Florida, which includes a video.  We’ve also reported a video of former HUD Secretary Julian Castro’s visit to a manufactured home community as part of his 2020 campaign.  Examples of those reports are linked from the text/image boxes above and below.


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