President Outlines Plan for Federal, State and Private Sector Investments

PresidentTrumpOutlinesPlansFederalStatePrivateSectorInvesmentsWOrkforceDevelopmentMHProNewsIn his weekly video to the nation, President Donald J. Trump touted his planned desire to make America’s infrastructure world class again.

The centerpiece of the $1 trillion-dollar plan is to leverage $800 billion in private sector money with $200 billion in taxpayer funds.

Today, the president met with his full cabinet, and promised great jobs for Americans, as he pledged again to “return power to the people.”

We now have our Cabinet finally approved,” the Washington Times reports that Mr. Trump said at the White House, surrounded by his full team of advisers. “We’re here to change Washington, return power to the people, and we’re here to give people a great shot at a great, great job.”

In a release to MHProNews, the White House is likewise promoting “workforce development.”

Across the United States there exists a skills gap that must be addressed,” stated the White House release. “Americans are unemployed and seeking employment, and companies are struggling to fill vacancies for positions that require varying levels of skill and training. President Trump’s Administration is committed to closing the skills gap and ensuring Americans are trained for the jobs available and the jobs of the future.”

This occurs even as a record 6 million job vacancies are being reported. CNN Money stated that,

There were 6 million open jobs in the United States in April, a record high, according to data released by the Labor Department Tuesday. It comes at a time when 6.8 million unemployed Americans are looking for a job…The good news: Employers are ready to hire, and likely willing to pay higher wages to new workers. During the Great Recession, job openings were as low as 2.2 million in 2009.”

Bloomberg reports unemployment at the lowest levels since May 2001.

There are still tens of millions in the U6 category.  Macrotrends describes the various labor statistics from the federal government this way, “U3 is the official unemployment rate. U5 includes discouraged workers and all other marginally attached workers. U6 adds on those workers who are part-time purely for economic reasons. The current U6 unemployment rate as of May 2017 is 8.40.”

1600 tells MHProNews in their ‘What We Are Reading’ section the following news bullets.

America’s small-business owners are highly confident about their prospects for the next year and optimistic about the state of the U.S. economy…” – CNBC.

The Trump administration has made approval of natural gas exports a key part of its energy and national security strategy. The U.S. is the world’s top producer of oil and gas due to the fracking and shale energy boom.” – Washington Examiner.

By approaching the nation’s infrastructure problem like a businessman, Trump can actually deliver the goods — without spending the country into bankruptcy — by focusing on the real cause: Big Government itself.” – Investor’s Business Daily.

These dovetail with prior reports by MHProNews from NFIB, MHARR, and other industry professionals. ##

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