Power of Pushback, Spotlighting – “Controversial” Modular Home Placement Reversed

PushbackDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe latest twist in the story of a modular home that was going to be forced out of a development took an interesting turn.  To understand the issue, Daily Business News readers will recall the factory-built housing industry’s most complete report, linked here.

What looked like a sad win for NIMBYism, against seemingly any form of off-site home building, has taken a positive turn for the builder and home buyer involved.

How did that happen?


A Local Letter to the Editor…

A recent letter to the editor of MLivethat latter of which was the primary media source on this controversy – begins, “How sad that the residents of Allendale Township are so resistant to something different that they would belly-ache about a resident having his home built of modular construction.”

Whether they know it or not, a modular home is ‘stick-built’ just as much as the homes they now live in. The only difference is that they were built under the roof of a factory, on a flat surface, where it didn’t get rained or snowed on, and with no wind storms that could rip Tyvek off the exterior walls and shingles off the roof,” wrote Carl De Vries, of nearby Jenison, MI.


The term ‘modular home’ cannot be confused with the term ‘manufactured homes.’…” Vries stated, ending by chiding the NIMBY-minded locals with, “C’mon Allendale, join the modern age.”

The Rest of the Story…

Sherry Kuyt recaps MLive’s account of the events.  Bullets below were added by MHProNews, but the text is that of Kuyt.

  • On Sept. 19, Curtis Moran put upSherryKuytMLiveDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews a 1,387-square-foot three-bedroom modular home at 5367 Crestfield Lane in the Springfields III development.
  • About a week later, Moran was told by the developer, Merwyn Koster, that the home would have to be removed after complaints by neighbors and other builders.
  • But on Oct. 16, Moran announced that his negotiations with the developer had proved successful.

Describing the reversal, Kuyt states, “It is going to stay,” Moran said. “It is set in stone; everything’s signed off.”

He did not explain why the developer changed his mind, and said he did not pay any settlement money to Koster. Koster could not be reached for comment,” MLive’s account stated.


What the above reflects is that the letter to the editor was published the same day as the published announcement was made.  That makes it unlikely to have influenced the discussion.

But this reversal happened to take place just days after MHProNews published its in-depth look at this issue. It must be noted that other housing industry sources had also spotlighted this issue, and no doubt the parties involved were also in talks.

The factory-built home, as many industry professionals observed, is residential in appearance and set over a basement, yet the neighbors pushed back.  The original story, linked here, has been reversed within just days of the report being published.

Did spotlighting and push-back have an influence?  At this time, a definitive answer is unknown.

William Bill Sheffer, Darren Krolewski, Tom Hardeman were among the professionals who sounded off, on the record, on this modular controversy. Within days, the locals changed their decision. Other media also pointed out this same story. Did the array of pushback influence the local decision? See original story, linked here.

What seems obvious is this. “If nothing is challenged, then nothing changes.” – L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Several factory built housing industry members provided feedback that made the MHProNews article possible – are hereby applauded, and are always valued.

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