Nobility Runs Up; Indexes, other Housing Stocks Run Down

After a run-up at the beginning of the day, investors took a break and engaged in a late-day sell off as concerns mounted over possible political instability in Italy, although some analysts suggested the three major indexes needed a cooling off period after running at records. In the end, the Dow and the S&P notched the worst day of the year. CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped -1.55 percent, -216.4 points, to end the day at 13,78417. The Nasdaq fell -1.44 percent, -45.57 points, to close at 3,116.25, while the S&P lost -1.83 percent, -27.75, to finish at 1,487.85. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite lost -0.72 percent to close at 1438.4. Except for one, housing stocks we track all closed down, most in triple digits, or even. Nobility Homes gained the most of tracked stocks, spiking +11.00 percent, +0.57, to end the day at 5.75. Louisiana Pacific Industries fell the most of the stocks we follow losing -3.90 percent, -0.86, to end the day at 20.42. Affiliated Managers Group 142.46 -3.91 (-2.67%). Cavco Industries 44.49 -1.15 (-2.52%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 148,790 -3,219. (-2.09%). Champion, Liberty Homes, Deer Valley and Palm Harbor continued unchanged. Drew Industries 35.66 -0.84 (-2.30%). Equity LifeStyle Properties 75.50 -0.95 (-1.26%). Patrick Industries 11.94 -0.14 (-1.16%). Skyline Corp. 4.55 -0.02 (-0.44%). Sun Communities, Inc. 46.69 -0.74 (-1.56%). Third Avenue Value Fund (Feb.25) 51.21 -0.86 (-1.65%). Universal Forest Products, Inc. 39.77 -1.09 (-2.67%). UMH 10.06 -0.16 (-1.57%).

(Graphic credit: CNNMoney and RealTick)

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