New Regulations for Developing MHCs in New Mexico

Daily-Times reports from Kirtland, New Mexico, the San Juan County Commissioners will be voting Dec. 6, 2011, on an ordinance that will require future developers of MHCs to obtain county approval and pay a plan-review fee. The water and septic service must be approved by the New Mexico Environment Department, and the communities must abide by the ordinance with regards to parking, sidewalks, trash removal, and junked cars. If the ordinance passes, it will go into effect immediately instead of the usual 30 days to prevent someone quickly moving in a manufactured house or RV to get in under the wire. The new regulation requires MHCs to be at least 2.25 acres and have no more than 6 manufactured homes per acre. Property owners could not lease space to any manufactured home on land not suited to multiple housing. Existing land lease communities (LLC) will be grandfathered in, but any expansion of a community will be subject to the ordinance. There are 50 MHCs currently in San Juan County.

(Photo credit: Tim Saville/General Truss)


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