MHI Dodd-Frank Efforts Generate Bipartisan Interest

In its work with Republican members of the House Financial Services Committee, MHI has also been working diligently with Democrats of the committee to develop bipartisan support to fix areas within the Dodd-Frank Act that unfairly impact owners of manufactured homes.

We know there is significant interest within the House and Senate by Republicans to push for significant rewrites of the Dodd-Frank Act, however Democrats in both chambers have remained reluctant to consider anything but the most technical of fixes.

Through personal communications with MHI members, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) recently indicated strong interest in working with the manufactured housing industry to resolve many of our concerns.

Support from Democratic leaders of the House Financial Services Committee in a corrections measure targeted to the manufactured housing industry would provide a much greater likelihood for success in moving legislation through the Democratic-controlled Senate.

MHI staff is aggressively working with both parties to explore the potential for a bipartisan approach to preserving access to affordable manufactured home financing.

For additional information, visit the MHI Dodd-Frank Resource Page by clicking here or members can contact Jason Boehlert at 703.558.0660 or

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