MHC Residents Exact Revenge at the Polls

Following a story we last covered June 6, 2012, when a ballot measure (Proposition E) to eliminate rent control in MHCs was defeated in Oceanside, Calif., residents of the city’s 17 MHCs said they would exact their revenge against city council members who voted in favor of the proposal in the November elections. Council member Jerry Kern, who favored Prop. E, garnered only 30 percent in his attempt to unseat Mayor Jim Wood, who had opposed the measure. Councilman Jack Feller, who also favored Prop. E, split the vote of two anti-rent control advocates and retained his seat . As NCTimes told MHProNews, under the original ordinance MHC owners can raise site rents annually by 75 percent of the increase in the regional consumer price index. A greater increase must be appealed to a city rent control board.

(Photo credit: Bill Wechter/nctimes—Opponents of Proposition E demonstrate before council vote.)

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