MHC Resident Can Put For Sale Sign on Home

In a letter to “Anne” of the in Rochester, New York, a manufactured home community resident says he wants to sell his home, and after submitting a written notice to the community manager was told he is not allowed to put a sign on the house, has to offer it to the MHC first and the buyer has to be approved by the management. Without management approval the new owner would have to move the home elsewhere. He says there is nothing in the lease about any of these conditions.

“Anne” replies that New York law allows manufactured home community residents to place a for sale sign on the property, and unless it’s in the lease, the community owner cannot require a home owner to offer the MH to management before it’s offered to the public. In addition, management must offer the new owner a one-year lease when the sale closes. MHProNews has learned a community owner can retain the right to determine the financial eligibility of the new owner and their history in terms of the likelihood of following community rules, but again, only if it is set out in the lease or in written MHC policies. ##

(Photo credit: Greg Vote/Getty Images–two-story manufactured home for sale)

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