MH on the Move in New York

Uticaod reports from New Hartford, New York, just west of Utica, the town has issued more permits for manufactured housing this year than in the previous two years combined. There have been only seven permits for site-built homes this year. Noting the 31 permits for MH, New Hartford town Codes officer Joseph Booth said, “We’ve had a banner year building permit-wise. We did well this year despite the slow market.” After raising three children, Rosalie and Jim Gau moved from a large four bedroom house with high heating and maintenance costs to a 1,200 square foot new manufactured house in the Applewood Community in New Hartford. “We had a big house with a lot of space we didn’t need, so we downsized. We picked this community because its well kept and locally owned,” Jim Gau said. “There’s also a great community center with parties and activities for residents,” Rosalie Gau added. Nancy Geer, executive director of the New York Housing Association, said when the housing market finally does come back, the demand for manufactured housing might increase because of affordability. “No one is building huge houses anymore,” she said. The article notes manufactured housing is increasing because communities are springing up around in the area. According to the Census Bureau, occupancy of manufactured housing around the nation has declined from 80,500 sited homes in 2008 to about 50,000 today.

(Photo credit: Kathleen Duncan/Observer-Dispatch)

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