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There are several serious topics that are frankly heavy, and in various ways negative, that we will hold until after Thanksgiving. These include court decisions, legal, and other industry-specific items that we’ll tackle in the near term, but after the holiday.



The reason is simple. It’s time for a respite, but one that is nevertheless useful for manufactured housing industry professionals, who are routinely keen on what trends impact their business or profession.

Marketers, take note of a key fact we’ve spotlighted before, but bears repeating, as the data evolves.

If you are one of those that print an article – and highlight or make notes – put 5 stars next to a data-point from North American, further below.

Net flight from Ohio, which was occurring in 2011, has stabilized by 2017, per the data from North American. Other trends are noted by comparing the 2017 to 2011 maps.


It is information that is literally that significant to manufactured home marketers. More below.


Compare the 2011 to the 2017 data, and among the items that jumps out are from the West Coast. California and Washington have become outbound states, per North American and the U.S. Census Bureau.


According to North American…

North American – a moving company – has compiled data that is provided by the graphics shown below.  They are also referenced in the video by Money GPS, which has mostly useful analysis, but we’ll skip the analysis of their plugs, etc. at the end of their mostly fine video.



Per North American in January 2018, “…updated through 2017, historical migrations map showing where Americans have moved throughout the years.”

The data point below is 5 stars for savvy manufactured home marketers, owners, investors, and professionals.


According to the latest information published by the U.S. Census Bureau the percentage of people that move every year equates to 14% of the population (or roughly 40 million).”

That’s the quote.  Properly understood, it’s a startling data point to our industry.

Why?  Because it is telling you that some 1 out of 7 people/households on average are moving during the course of the year.  Run those numbers in your market…

…and you’ll begin to get a sense of what your actual potential is.



When we coach manufactured home clients, or do corporate training, on marketing and sales, this is a common point consultant/coach L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach makes.  It is a point sadly overlooked by too many in our industry. Because most retail centers and manufactured home communities are only seeing a tiny sliver of the traffic that is shopping for a new home.  What sets Tony’s work apart from others, in part, is this simple principle.  Learn how to engage as many housing shoppers – not just those specifically looking for a manufactured home – but strive to set in front of all of those looking for any kind of housing change.



When you learn how to successfully engage, educate, and motivate those who’ve not been thinking about a manufactured home, that’s the magic for serious location growth.  You gain more customers with better credit and/or more cash buyers too.

That said, back to North American’s data.

People move for a variety of reasons: housing, jobs, family, etc.  Being aware of cross country moving migration patterns can provide you a better idea on the behavior of Americans. The following historical U.S. migration study will provide you the states with the largest influx of moves and the states that have the most outbound moves,” said the moving company’s report.

If you are in a state that has outbound migration, you need a winning strategy for that scenario.  If you are in state with net move-in growth, you also need to craft a successful strategy. Enjoy the data. Why not use the data above as a discussion starter for brain-storming with your team?



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