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Ora et Labora; Why One State’s MH Battle Matters to You

In Michigan, a reporter for MLive on back-to-back days has done stories on fires that involved a factory-built home. One appeared to be a true mobile home (built pre-June15, 1976), the other likely a HUD Code manufactured home were someone was smoking in bed. The likelihood is high that there were several other fires in conventionally built apartments and houses overlooked by the writer, looking to spotlight the hazards of “mobile homes.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Is it a coincidence that in neighboring Ohio, Governor John Kasich declared war on manufactured homes as dangerous places to live? This is one of many possible examples of events covered by local, regional — and national — media can influence each other.  Whatever the governor’s or that MLive reporter’s intentions, they’re paving that hellish road, if they persist in their false and misleading ways.

So the battle by the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association and the forces aligned by the Kasich Administration will influence – for good or ill – what happens in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, and other states which happen to be paying attention to the regulatory drama about manufactured homes unfolding there. That’s why what is happening in Ohio, matters in MHVille, USA.

The OMHA along with,

  • their state’s home owners association,
  • both national manufactured housing associations,
  • grass roots professionals, and
  • MHProNews and our sister MHLivingNews trade media,

have all sounded off in support what Tim Williams, Andrea Reichman, and their members are striving to do.  That is, to keep their current regulatory structure; which just happens to be in the best interests for home owners, buyers and the industry.

Is this collaborative model for standing up for the industry’s truths a useful one for manufactured housing at large? We think that’s self evident. 

Fight! Fight, fight, fight to get the truth out! Do whatever is ethical and honorable to get and keep those industry truths front and center!  The reward could be in the tens of billions for doing so. That means potentially millions to a business location like yours.

Because as we’ve said for years, if we as an industry don’t define ourselves, others will fill the vacuum and define us, often to our detriment.

Ohio shipment numbers state they are on the upswing.  In their battle, they’ve already won in their House. The latest press release to MHProNews from the OMHA is attached, linked here.

We’re told that prayers are being said daily in Ohio, and beyond, for the wisdom and strength to fight their governor’s misguided, misinformed, elitist overreach.


Prayer and work, or as they said centuries ago, Ora et Labora. Put your hand to the plow, fold them in prayer as needed, several times daily. Ora et Labora is a powerful combination that ended the dark ages. In our sometimes dark times, it can be just as impactful and true now, as yesteryear. ##

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Photo taken while Tony was questioning regulators in NY.

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford


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