MH Community Closures, Industry Impact, Sides of the Coin

There are states like Florida that have community closure laws.  Those laws can work like this. So much money may be set aside to help the residents move in the event a community closes.  There may also be a defense for the community owner, who could otherwise face years of litigation in the face of a closure.

There are in fact three sides to a coin, and sometimes the truth is as razor thin – and hard to see – as that thin side of a coin. Image credit, AlcantraMedia.
Joe Dyton, guest writer for the linked Daily Business News report. Don’t miss it, feedback welcome.

Community closures is one of those topics we touch from time to time in the Daily Business News, but our latest report by guest writer Joe Dyton brings a variety of aspects of this issue into focus.

It will be uncomfortable for many, and perhaps it should be.  But it will also make you think, and besides, it happens, and is in the news from time to time.  Its reality, so we must deal with it.

Let’s posit the notion that community closures are one of the biggest black eyes that the MH industry can get, when they’re not handled properly.  The sad story out of Baytown we covered recently is a great example of that, isn’t it?

As a free enterprise believer, this is one of those thorny issues.  But leaders ought to be willing to grab nettles (thorns), that’s how progress is achieved.  

We as professionals must be able to tackle controversial topics, or how else will we break free of the level of sales we’re currently working under?

“Nettles,” thorny issues…you get the idea, right? Of course…

Two housekeeping items

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Your feedback, tips and comments on the above or other industry issues, are welcome and encouraged.  My thanks to all who’ve provided mostly kind things to say about recent coverage – we’re working hard to get things to the next level.  Because the next level is where progress for you, our industry and yes us too will occur.  It should be a great ride… ##

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