Manufactured and Modular Housing Exempt from Sprinklers

Mayor Senna Mosley and the Board of Aldermen of La Vergne, Tennessee voted 4-1 requiring all new homes to be built with a sprinkler system, according to The daughter, granddaughter, wife and mother of firefighters, Mosley, recalling seeing roofs fall on her father as a child, says, “ I understand what these guys and girls have to go through in having to fight these fires and having to pull out bodies of burnt children.” Codes Director Randolph Salyers says factory-built homes are exempt from the regulation, MHProNews has learned. The Rutherford County Home Builders Association president, Steve Jensen, says the interconnected smoke detectors in place since 1988 are sufficient, and the new ordinance will cost his customers $5,000 extra. Noting there was not a public hearing once the ordinance was written, Jensen says, “I still am really confused about their whole process of passing an ordinance at two meetings that had zero public comments. You would think it would be open to the public comment. What’s the purpose of reading it to the public if the public doesn’t get to comment. It appears to me to be no different than voting behind closed doors.” ##

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