Kid Rock Leads GOP Field for U.S. Senate, Other Poll Results Mixed 

Kid Rock for Senate website = credit.

Millionaire manufactured home owner Kid Rock put up a website announcing his potential run the U.S. Senate, as the Daily Business News has previously reported.

The star says that there’s been an outpouring of support from both fans and politicos alike.

I was beyond overwhelmed with the response I received from community leaders, D.C. pundits, and blue-collar folks that are just simply tired of the extreme left and right bulls**t,” Kid Rock said in a statement.

The first poll to be taken since the unofficial announcement of Kid Rock’s (KR) place in the 2018 Senate race shows that he’s the favored Republican candidate among voters. KR’s the closest in the polls to current Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), with an 8 percent gap (50-42) between the two.

But another lesser known poll show Kid Rock ahead of his potential Democratic rival.

I think part of Kid Rock’s success is the fact the Trump effect is still out there,” said pollster Ed Sarpolus. “I mean Kid Rock curses and swears like (former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci), so basically Kid Rock is a mini-Trump.”

Diving Into Details

Pollist Ed Sarpolus, Credits Target Insyght

The latest poll was taken by Target Insyght, and included 822 likely Michigan voters and has a margin for error of +/-3.5 percent.

Not only did they discover that Kid Rock was tailing close behind Stabenow, even before making his run official – they also looked at specifically Republican voters to see how the musician fared.

Out of 344 Republicans, 33 percent said they favored the Kid Rock to other republican candidates which include:

  • business man and military veteran John James of Farmington Hills (16 percent),
  • former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young of Laingsburg (14 percent),
  • and businesswoman Lena Epstein of Bloomfield Hills (8 percent).

This smaller poll has an error rate of +/- 5.35 points.

Rock may have an advantage in the state which favors our 45th president. The same survey found that around 49 percent of Michigan voters thought Trump was doing a “excellent” or “pretty good” job.

Michigan is still a Trump state,” Sarpolus said. “It’s still a very close state, but any candidate on the Democratic side is going to have to face the impact of Donald Trump’s people out there. Will they show up and vote Republican?”

As of right now, this poll is completely speculative, since Rock still hasn’t made his run for Senate official.

However, a recent statement suggested that “in about six weeks,” we will know for with certainty if the musician and video star will formally enter the race.

Is the Competition Taking the Potential Threat Seriously?

Stabenow is not taking any chances.  According to The Hill, her office responded to Rock’s tweets suggesting he may run by promoting a fundraising pitch.


She’ll take this seriously, she’ll raise the money and she’s a fighter,” Sarpolus predicted. “Would I be scared if I was Debbie? Yes, for the fact it means she’s going to have to work harder than expected.”

The poll was funded by MIRS subscription news service, according to The Detroit News, and consisted of both automated phone surveys (79 percent), and live operator conducted surveys (21 percent).

This is one of dozens of examples of news and commentary sites that are spotlighting the looming race between Kid Rock and his potential 2018 Senate campaign rivals. What makes this particularly interesting for manufactured home professionals – and home owners – is his self-evident pride in his own MH, and the lifestyle that it provides him. Photo credit, the Federalist.

Fans and Others Promoting Kid Rock’s Prospective Run

The video below is from a website that took Dan Rather’s interview earlier this year with Kid Rock, and edited in at the start a Kid Rock for Senate banner.  The video makes frequent – and favorable – references to Rock’s manufactured home, although he irreverently uses to the “t-word,” or “double-wide” type phrasing.


Potentially, music, news and human interest will all mix for KR – and give him an edge that a normal candidate wouldn’t have.

Image credits are from RK’s official music video, and from the website linked here.

This far out, it’s almost purely name ID,” Republican consultant John Truscott said. “People know who (Kid Rock) is. He’s quite a personality, and when you’re vote isn’t counting for anything this far out, it’s really easy to support something that’s a little out of the ordinary.” # #

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