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(Editor's note, the following is in reply to a public message sent from Danny Ghorbani's email at MHARR, linked here, that was critical of Bill Matchneer, JD, and some recent HUD action. Since the factory named had the issue corrected, that plant's name was edited out.  Other views are welcome.)

Plants are certified (licensed to build homes) by HUD based on the strength of their quality control (QC) programs. That’s what the regs say and that’s always been the practice. All I did was make sure plants continued to maintain the level of QC the regs require and let them know that HUD could suspend or revoke the certification if the QC falls below a certain point.

This change in program emphasis was motivated by a series of homes that was shipped from a ——– plant in California with no flue connections. Several families were nearly asphyxiated. The only real complaints came from Danny.

I mostly got compliments and thanks from manufacturers who not only saw real improvements in their products but in employee morale as well.

MHI knows it’s the right way to go, as does Pam Danner, with whom I’ve had several conversations on the subject. ##

Bill-Matchneer-mhpronews-com-75x75Bill Matchneer

(Editor's Note, you can see our latest interview A Second Cup of Coffee withBill Matchneer,” at the link shown.)

2 thoughts on “Reply to Danny Ghorbani’s, “Sobering Wake Up Call…” – “MHARR Report and Analysis “”

  1. rickrand

    Bill Matcher is a stand up guy and is one of the few supporters of our industry. Once again, MHARR has twisted the facts and attacked someone with real knowledge of the facts. How sad it is.

    Rick Rand

  2. Richard Weinert

    I must comment on this, as a first-person witness to what happened in CA. My comments are not critical of the mfg housing industry, but rather as a way to depict how Subpart I can and should work. During a dealer-lot inspection, a serious construction defect was discovered that required action and the CA- SAA staff used its authority under both state license and federal regulations to require the mfg to notify and correct. It was through the formal notification that we got the call from a homeowner whose family was suffering effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. After correction, HUD, under Bill Matchneer, performed an investigation and uncovered the root causes of the serious defect. To his credit, HUD changed the way HUD and HUD’s contractor monitored a manufacturer’s systems of control. The point in all this is it was a necessary and potentially life-saving improvement in monitoring that is being embraced by the manufacturers.

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