Jay Hamilton on Dr. Ben Carson’s being named for Appointment as HUD Secretary

 Dr. Ben Carson grew up in Public Housing. He  spent many years working as a Neurological Surgeon in an Urban Hospital Environment. So he witnessed the effect of substandard housing on health.

But even still, a number may see this as an illogical choice. I fully expected Dr. Carson to be named Surgeon General or Health & Human Services Secretary.

President-elect Trump has made it clear that he will place people that are loyal to himself and to conservative values.

For more insights on this controversy, see the Daily Business News story – “Is Ben Carson the Right Choice for HUD Secretary? Depends On Who You Ask.” As on all industry voices topics, other persepctives are welcome, and the views are those of the writer.

Does that mean that this HUD role is what Dr. Carson requested?  Or was this the only Agency left over that was large enough to reward Dr. Carson for his help and support?

At the end of the day, everyone will serve at the new president’s pleasure, regardless of who we deem “best qualified.”

But unless Dr. Carson or members of President-elect Trump’s team have someone reading MHProNews or MHLivingNews, odds are that neither may realize that manufactured home regulation falls under HUD’s jurisdiction. ##

Jay Hamilton, GMHA.

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