“Intolerant!” – Community Owner Reacts to Keith Olbermann’s “Trailer Park Trash” tweet, reported on The Hill


It was an intolerant remark in so many ways.

There are millions of good, honorable, hard-working folks who choose the affordable option of living in a mobile home.

The headline and this graphic are produced and provided by MHProNews, a common practice among many in media to illustrate opinion or letters to the editor columns.

I don’t know why the Leftist media, and the Left in general, have no obligation to be inclusive or tolerant or accurate. Their driveling commentary just makes me tired.

MariBlaquiereHighlandMobileParkStPetersburgFLMari Blaquiere
Co-Owner Highland Mobile Park
St Petersburg, FL

(Editor’s Note: Blaquiere’s comments are made with respect to a tweet by Keith Olbermann, published in an article on Washington, D.C.’s ‘The Hill,” see link here, or at the top, above.)

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