Industry Grassroots Beginning to Focus on Washington, D.C.

The below communication from one of the industry’s communities to MHI, which is self-explanatory, is for your information and review.

“The last time I contacted your organization you wanted money from us to become members, at that time I mentioned that we own communities and are self financing homes just to stay alive with no financing available for our industry. I’ve attended meetings where MHI had a roll in and have been very disappointed in MHI understanding of the ground root problems that face the real people that are still currently standing, but for how long? If this so called organization is to represent this industry then why in the hell aren’t you on the same page as MHARR. From our prospective this organization consistently is fighting for what is really needed for our industry. If MHI mission is to represent our whole industry you can’t do it without being on the same page as MHARR…”

This is important because in recent months, an increasing number of industry grassroots members (retailers and communities) have been contacting MHARR to learn more about the industry’s factual status in the nation’s capital, and have asked to be placed on the association’s mailing list. While MHARR has traditionally deferred to the industry’s state associations regarding the updates and education of the industry’s grassroots — while routinely providing them with such factual information — it is gratifying to learn that industry grassroots members are increasingly questioning the industry’s status quo in Washington, D.C.

MHARR will continue to keep industry members apprised of factual and accurate information from the Nation’s Capital, as they unfold.


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