Imogene Poots, Vladimir De Fontenay’s Video Look – “The American Dream,” “Mobile Homes”

Stills from movie entitled, “Mobile Homes,” but the homes shown are actually modern manufactured homes.

From writer & director Vladimir de Fontenay, the film will finally be released in US theaters this November. The story follows a young mother named Ali, played by Imogen Poots said First Showing, “The makeshift family scrapes by, one hustle at a time, until the discovery of a mobile home1 community offers a better life.”


Everybody deserves a second, third of fourth chance, even if in practice it often doesn’t work out that way for the very people that need it most,” stated Caution Spoilers

Ratings of the YouTube video of the movie clips. The video clips of “Mobile Homes” is found near the end of this post, below.



The flick is based upon a short film released in 2013, and was featured last year at the Cannes Film Festival.  The reviews have been mixed. While the Daily Business News on MHProNews isn’t endorsing a film we’ve not yet viewed – despite the title and terminology error – it might have a subtle theme that could make it useful.  At least, it could be better than some other movies that have had mobile or manufactured homes as a background theme in recent years.

“Sneaking into a mobile home to escape…Ali and Bone snuggle up together on the floor for the night; waking up next morning their uncomplicated delight at finding they’re on the road, as the home is transported to a park1 miles away, is a breath of fresh air for them and us,” said Sarah for Caution Spoilers.

The trailer park1 they end up at is run by the kind but flawed Robert (Callum Keith Rennie, avoiding the twinkly-eyed rough diamond cliche). It’s a chance for Ali and Bone to be their real selves as she’s put to work painting and decorating, and he can play with other children,” continued the review by Sarah.

Rephrased, it’s a story of a surprising fresh start.

What is a home? What is a family?” – Asked in Movie, “Mobile Homes

It’s part of the mythology of America that everyone can move on, starting afresh somewhere new, the slate wiped clean…” said Sarah. “It’s not saying much that’s new about women like Ali, or her situation. But at its heart Mobile Homes is an ode to a dream that is never entirely out of reach.”

Culture influences people. So it will be worth checking this out to see how it may, or may not, be useful to manufactured home marketers and sellers.

If, if the message “…Mobile Homes is an ode to a dream that is never entirely out of reach…” this might be a net plus for industry professionals.



It will be in theaters soon, so time will tell. Links to other videos with mobile or manufactured homes in the story-line are found further below, under related reports.   “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

  1. Footnote: The home shown is a manufactured home, not a mobile home. Also, the community is not a ‘trailer park,’ it is more properly a land lease community for manufactured homes.

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