Honda Smart Home not on Wheels

Updating a story first posted May 7, 2012 regarding Honda Motor Company’s plans to build homes operating on a combination of gasoline, solar cells and a rechargeable battery, a showcase Honda Smart Home home is now finished following a grand opening March 25 at the University of California-Davis. Features include radiant goethermal heating and cooling, solar panels that not only heat and light the home and store energy for night use, but also provide power for a Honda Fit EV (electrical vehicle) in two hours via a special charging system. The home energy management system (HEMS) correlates energy usage with the hourly behavior of the occupants, sending it where it’s needed, constantly monitoring it. The home recycles greywater for the garden, shaving one-third off the water bill, and the house and car combined achieve over 11 tons per year CO2 reduction compared to a normal car and home. understands from Honda Smart Home US by using FSC-certified sustainable lumber products, the project resulted in a 96 percent usage of recycled materials following completion. ##

(Image credit: Honda Smart Home US)

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