Homesteading Lives!!

Omaha tells MHProNews modern-day homesteaders can get free land in Iowa and Nebraska providing they build a home on the land within five years. The lots are typically only available in smaller towns where not many employment opportunities exist. In addition, house construction costs are not cheap and credit continues to be tight. Therese Ebert moved from California to take advantage of the program in Beatrice, NE, pop. 12,500, in the southeast corner of the state, and was prepared to borrow $100,000 to site a modular home. She discovered the lot was in a flood plain, which would have required thousands more to build up the site, and subsequently returned the deed. Mame, Iowa, Central City, NE and Curtis, NE still have lots available. Louisville, NE, pop. 1,100, just 27 miles from downtown Omaha offers incentives totaling over $9,000 to build a home. To date, only one home has has been built there.

(Photo credit: Palmer-Epera Cabin at Homestead National Monument near Beatrice, NE/Omaha World-Herald)

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