Clayton’s Cleaning the Air, Too!

MHProNews has learned from WBIRTV in Knoxville, Tennessee of a collaborative effort between the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)and Clayton Homes of Maryville, TN. Clayton’s total i-House production in the TVA region will have upgraded windows, thicker insulation, heat pumps, power saving lighting, and Energy Star appliances. TVA will offer a $1,450 rebate per home, and the homeowners will save $70 a month in energy costs. John Trawick of TVA says, “Not only are we helping customers have lower bills, we’re also, at the end of the day, providing cleaner energy for the overall Tennessee Valley.” He says this helps keep the overall cost of energy lower because less is used, and anticipates the company will recoup the costs for each home in about three years. Brandon O’Connor, i-House product manager for Clayton Homes, says, “We saw an opportunity to bring added value to our customers at a time when just about everybody needs it the most.” Clayton expects this initiative to boost production of their energy efficient homes to 2000 units.

(Photo credit: WBIRTV)

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