Harvard Clinton-Trump Campaign Debate & Trump Thank You Tour-Videos

foxpresidentelectsthankyoutourvideostill-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsAmericans just experienced a truly unique election and are now living through a historic transition.  “News” has been called the first draft of history.

The recent election has and will impact everyone and every industry – including ours – as we track here on the Daily Business News and daily industry-connected market report.

Economic growth and job creation are on center stage, as pro-and-anti Trump forces continue to battle it out – not only about the recent election, how and why it occurred – but what explains events like the sudden post-election surge in the stock markets.

The videos on this post focus on three recent events.

The first is the announcement that Carrier will be keeping some 1100 jobs in Indiana that were going to be shipped to Mexico.

The next video is by ABC News, Donald Trump’s first “Thank You” tour stop in key battle ground states.

Finally, the following videos are from or about a Harvard panel discussion that included members of the Clinton campaign team and the Trump campaign.

The first video that follows is a short snippet of the same material found in the second video below.  If you find the first interesting, the second one includes more panelists and thus more insights, talking-points and perspectives.

What is coming into focus is that the pro-Clinton elements of the media are going to continue to use some of the same tactics and talking points that they used during the general election coverage. The only way the president-elect might gain any honeymoon over time is if he gains enough early successes on campaign pledges to mute opposition.

By contrast, the President-elect Trump Transition team is striving to hit the ground running, so that they begin to deliver – as in the case of over 1000 jobs saved at Carrier – on giving all Americans what they promised during the campaign.

If recent history and these videos are any indication, it will be a spirited contest by all involved. The first quarter of 2017 promise to be busy ones, indeed. ##

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