Hall of Fame Begins Fundraising for Manufactured Housing Hall

The RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana is preparing to launch fundraising efforts to complete a new facility to showcase the history of manufactured housing. The Hall of Fame has applied for a $6 million USDA loan to construct Manufactured Housing Hall which is the final component of the complex. “The manufactured housing industry has been in distress, but now we have an opportunity through some government backed loans to be able to build,” says Hall of Fame Historian Al  Hesselbart.  The original 50,000-square-foot part of the museum was paid for in advance, according to Hesselbart. The second 80,000 square feet was paid for with pledges to cover it. This, the final phase, has been in planning for five years . The additions will include the 15,000-square-foot hall for displaying historical manufactured housing units and 15 acres of show grounds for manufactured housing and RV shows, plus parking for both.  The RV/MH Heritage Foundation, the organization that runs the Hall of Fame, also recently announced the availability of naming rights for the facility’s Grand Hall, Manufactured Housing Hall, Outdoor Show Area and other landmarks. More information is available at www.rvmhhalloffame.org.

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